The Best Shopping Destinations in Australia

The Best Shopping Destinations in Australia

The Best Shopping Destinations in Australia

Visitors to Australia will know all about the great weather and beaches but they might not know just how great some of the shopping districts are.

Visitors hoping for more of a city break experience will be blown away by the restaurants, bars and clubs but it is the shopping that surprises a lot of people.

Here are some of our top recommendations for shopping destinations for people visiting Australia.


Bourke Street mall is a great place to start out in Melbourne with a great range of shops while the Emporium Melbourne over on Collins Street is a seven storey shopping mecca that boasts 24 flagship stores for some of Australia’s top designers.

You can also take the time to explore all the side streets for some great options and you will never be stuck for somewhere to eat with some excellent restaurants and cafes.


As the biggest city in Australia and picturesque, postcard scenes everywhere you look it won’t come as a surprise to you that Sydney boasts some of the best shopping locations in Australia.

The Pitt Street Mall is a must for people looking to spend some time shopping in this wonderful city.

Brisbane is the main shopping location if you happen to find yourself in or around Queensland. Shopping precincts like the Myer Centre, the Wintergarden and Queen’s Plaza offer some great shopping options as does the Queen Street Mall.
Gold Coast

Probably more popular with the sunseekers, the city of Gold Coast also has some great shopping options including some excellent markets making it a little bit different from the bigger cities. There are still big shopping centres for people to explore with some big name shops also situated here.


King Street in Perth is perfect for luxury shoppers and with almost 1000 speciality shops around Perth you will definitely find some great shops that you will just love.

With a number of high end shops, as long as you have a bit of money you will have a great time.
Exploring Australia’s great shopping options is definitely something more and more visitors are starting to do. Who wouldn’t like a spot of retail therapy in the beautiful sunshine before relaxing in a nice bar or café before seeing what else the day holds.

When you know where you are going to be going in Australia you can take a bit of time to research what the towns or cities have to offer.

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