Shoe Trends of 2018

Shoe Trends of 2018

Shoe Trends of 2018

We tend to hold on to shoes a lot longer than other items so we are more likely to have a good solid base to build from.
Having a few key pieces means you can add one or two to freshen up for the new season. Here are some of the shoe trends that we are likely to be seeing in 2018 that might give you some good ideas.


PVC boots could be an interesting addition to a lot of wardrobes this year. With things like PVC Macs also proving to be popular the best way to be seen is to be see through.

Pastel Colours

Another big trend we will be seeing in Spring/Summer of 2018 will be pastel colours. Getting a head start and searching out some footwear that will work with these wonderful summery shades could really help you make a statement.

Dad Trainers

A few years ago the Dad Bod’ was in, or so the magazines were telling us. This year it is your joggers that are getting the Dad treatment. Big, chunky, 90’s style trainers that are more likely to have been used for mowing the lawn for the last few years are going to be the surprising hit of the summer. When you consider that bumbags are back though we really shouldn’t be that surprised.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels tend to split opinions, there’s no denying their versatility though as they can be equally as at home on the morning commute as they are a night out.

Combat Boots

As we see trends from the late 80’s early 90’s returning it was only a matter of time before a more grungy look returned and with combat boots coming back could this be the first step? Expect a lot of flannel shirts to be flooding the market soon.


As we said, we are looking back to the 80’s and 90’s a lot more recently and the classic slingback is another dip back into an era that many wanted to be forgotten. One thing is for sure, with this melting pot of ideas we are bound to see some interesting style choices this year.

Cowboy Boots

In some parts of the world (definitely the US) Cowboy Boots never went away. The good thing about them fleeting in and out of style elsewhere is that you can pick up some great vintage ones that have also been worn in a bit to save you hobbling about for the first few weeks.

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