Online Shopping Hacks

Online Shopping Hacks

Online Shopping Hacks


There is no doubting how good some of Australia’s top shopping districts are but sometimes it is easier to just hop online and search about for a good deal. Being able to price items up and find the best deals as well as shopping internationally are just two of the benefits to shopping online but there are some downfalls. One of the biggest pitfalls of online shopping can be the sizing of products if you are buying clothes. Unless you have bought that brand before you won’t really get a good idea of their sizing so reading the sizing guides is essential. If you are determined to shop online, here are some of the best tips that can help to save you money.


Fight Back Against Smart Online Sellers


Shopping habits are being tracked by retailers and because of this you can sometimes find that you will be offered different prices to other people. If a shop or brand identifies certain patterns they might have a different price point for you so clearing your history and cookies, shopping in incognito and signing out of your google account might give you a better idea of pricing.


Know When to Shop


Knowing when to shop can make a huge difference. It might seem obvious to wait in some instances like knowing just after Christmas there will be huge sales but did you know retailers are far more likely to discount from Wednesdays through to Fridays or that airling tickets are shown to be cheaper overall on Sundays?


Check the Site’s Discount Policy


Have you got a good discount for a shop? Check to see if they only allow one deal at a time because on occasion you can combine deals to make massive savings. You can find Groupon deals for most retailers that will allow you to make savings on particular products, get free shipping and more so it is always worth checking.


Sign Up Today


The best way to keep up to date with your favorite shops and brands is by signing up to their mailing list. They will tell you about sales or offers that are coming up and every so often you will be given exclusive offers, some even reward you with a discount code on your birthday so it is worth checking out.


Abandon Your Shop


Sign in to your account, shop as normal then just leave it. All good websites will have a guard in place to stop potential customers walking away. They will have identified that you already like certain products so to help you make the final step to purchase them some will automatically send out an incentive of free shipping or a discount after a couple of days.


Shop About


The best way to save money is by shopping around for the best deals. Finding the lowest prices and then searching for discounts or offers will help you find the real deals. Always take into account shipping costs and explore all of your options before committing to your purchase.


You can get some real bargains if you take the time to apply some of these ideas by shopping online but if you aren’t sure about a company’s sizing always check their return policy.

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