Hats of 2018

Hats of 2018

Hats of 2018

No matter what time of year it is, hats should be a wardrobe essential. Shading you from the sun or keeping you warm when the temperatures drop, as well as being useful they can also add a certain something to an outfit.

Some hats are more a statement piece than practical but knowing what is on trend for the Spring and Summer of 2018 will be on most fashion conscious consumers mind.

Straw Hats

Straw hats are a safe bet for when the weather picks up. Because they are so light they are the ideal hat to wear for shading and this year a lot of top designers have some great straw hats for you to choose from.

The Boater Hat

Although it uses similar materials to the straw hat, the boater tends to have a more formal look to it. A lot of designers have been incorporating boaters into their collections in 2018.

Bucket Hats

Ideal for music festivals or street wear, the bucket hat has been a favorite of many for years. The spotlight will be on them this summer with some great new designs hitting the streets giving shoppers a lot more varied a choice.


A popular look in the late 80’s and 90’s, the beret is due to make a dynamic comeback as we look to these eras for inspiration. Most fashions are cyclical so if you were about in the first wave you might want to dig through your garage or loft to see if you have any original items left over.

See Through Hats

Perspex hats could be one of the more interesting options to look out for this year. See through rain macs are also tipped to be making waves this year so you won’t be able to just hide under a jacket and hat this summer, you will still need to make the effort underneath.

Turbans & Headscarves

It is debatable as to whether you could call these hats but we are covering headwear that will be on trend so we couldn’t miss this out.


Visors are a great way to look cool and keep the sun out of your eyes without having to cover your whole head.
The visor comes with another retro 80’s vibe that is very much on trend this year.

Rain Hats

A great way to keep your hair out of the elements while looking good, rain hats are ideal for summer showers.

Oversized Hats

If you are looking for a bold statement piece then the over sized hat is it. Not to be worn on windy days it will definitely turn heads.

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