Australian Fashion Brands to Watch

Australian Fashion Brands to Watch

Australian Fashion Brands to Watch
Australian fashion isn’t all boardshorts and bikinis, some really exciting prospects are emerging from the Australian fashion scene that we are very excited about.

We have a comprehensive list of some of the brands and designers that started making waves last year as well as some of the best prospects for this year.

Elissa McGowan

Strong minimalist designs and a worthy successor to other Australian Designers, Elissa McGowan is going to be a face to remember around Sydney and beyond.

Sofia the Label

Sofia the Label have a classic, traditional style that flirts with fun and frilled designs. The juxtaposition of both make this a label that continues to impress and intrigue and we can’t wait to see the direction future pieces take.
Hansel & Gretel

Sharp, modern, cool and affordable, what more could you ask for from a brand that is already getting fans across Australia.

Now, we did say there was more to Australian fashion than boardshorts and bikinis but that is not to rule out stunning swimwear. The designs by Seaskape take into account all body shapes and are made for the women of today.
Isabelle Quinn

Like a fairytale punk, Isabelle Quinn’s modern take on cool combines floaty dresses with leather corsets have more than a hint of the 80s about it.

The East Order

If you are sick of your clothes barely even lasting the season then you might want to check out The East Order who go to lengths to ensure their garments are durable as well as look great.

Par Femme

With some extremely sexy accessories and lingerie, Par Femme are a brand to look out for if you want to feel good about yourself.

Hazel + Folk

If you want to

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